Depositing Records


  • Do pack material only in standard record cartons (Order through W.B. Mason - Item # FEL00703) measuring 15" x 12" x 10". Boxes larger than this will not fit on shelving and will not be accepted.

  • Do purge as you pack. Please refer to our Guidelines for Purging Office Files for assistance in weeding out your files.

  • Do include a listing of the contents of your boxes. Records Management staff cannot create listings for you. Should you need to retrieve a file during the time the boxes are in storage, it is your responsibility to be able to identify in which box the file is located.

  • Do keep a copy of the deposit paperwork in your office. Again, it is your responsibility to identify in which box your materials are located.

  • Do contact Physical Plant in your zone when your boxes are ready to be deposited. Records Management does not have the capability to pick-up boxes.


  • Don't pack anything higher than the top edge of the box. If so, boxes will not fit on shelving.

  • Don't send transfiles, grocery boxes, copier paper boxes, etc. Odd size boxes do not fit on the standard shelving used in the Records Center. The glue holding together grocery and copier paper boxes wears out over time.

  • Don't send hanging file folders. The hooks on these folders break down the edges of the boxes and keep the covers from fitting on the boxes.

  • Don't affix deposit forms or lists to the top of the carton lids. They get torn in transit.

  • Don't mix years. When sending records such as student files do not put more than one year in any one deposit. If you do, as an example, records from 1998 will have to be retained an extra year until the records from 1999 are ready for destruction. Records Management will gladly supply you with as many Accession Numbers as you need.

  • Don't send materials that have passed their legal retention dates, i.e. IDs over 2 years old, travel vouchers over 2 years old, payroll time sheets over one year old. These records and others DO NOT need to be retained longer than their approved retention. To check retention dates for these and other University records see the General Records Retention Schedule.

Boxes not complying with the above requirements will be returned to the depositor for repacking at the depositor's expense.