Records Management

Hawkins The Syracuse University Records Management program provides a systematic, cost-effective approach to the management of all records created, received and maintained by the University.

Records Management is responsible for managing all University records from their creation to their final disposition. That disposition can either be to the University Archives for permanent retention, or destruction according to a properly authorized records disposition schedule.

Records Management is governed by policy which is available on the Syracuse University Policies web site. All Syracuse University faculty, staff and students are expected to be familiar with and abide by Syracuse University Policies. Questions about individual policies should be directed to the responsible unit noted under the "Policy Administration" section in each policy.

University Records Center

The University Records Center at the Hawkins Building provides cost-effective, centralized storage for records that must be retained for legal or administrative reasons, but are not referenced often enough to warrant storage in expensive office space.

The Records Center in the Hawkins Building on Jamesville Road, is a safe and secure, environmentally controlled facility where records can "wait out their time" until destruction, but from which they can be retrieved if needed.

Any University school, college, department or organization may store records in the Records Center. There are costs associated with the deposit and eventual destruction of records, but there is no charge to departments for the storage of records that must be retained for legal reasons. A Records Center Charges sheet is available.

Some points to remember...


  • Records may be stored only while there is a legal or valid administrative reason to do so. Once records have reached their destruction date, they must be destroyed.

  • Certain requirements exist involving the deposit of records. These requirements are clearly listed on the Records Deposit page and on the 'Do's and Don'ts' page.

  • To assure confidentiality, departments may access only their own records. Access to records of another department requires authorization, in advance, from that department.

  • Destruction by shredding is a charge-back cost. Records Center staff will turn the records over to Materials Distribution which will handle the shredding process.

Any questions should be addressed to 315-443-8388.