Retrieving Records

To assure confidentiality, departments may access only their own records. Access to records of another department requires authorization, in advance, from that department.

You may retrieve individual file folders or boxes by

  • sending e-mail to, or
  • calling 315-443-8388

Please note that the ACCESSION NUMBER (given at the time of deposit) of the shipment from which the file is to be retrieved is THE MOST important item of information needed. It may be found on the inventory that you were sent at the time you deposited the boxes. If you do not know the Accession Number, be sure to indicate the date the material was sent to the Records Center or the Records Center box number.

Records Center material is stored off-campus. Material normally requires 24 to 48 hours lead time to be retrieved.

Records Center staff will retrieve the records. When ready they can be:

  • picked up by a member of your staff, or
  • hand-delivered when Records Center staff is available.

If boxes of records are needed, it is your department's responsibility to contact Physical Plant to transport them. Physical Plant costs will be charged to your department.

When you have finished using the records they should be returned promptly. If they are to be retained permanently in the department, please let us know.

Please note that the Records Center is off-campus at the Hawkins Building. Please allow as much lead time as possible.