Destroying Records

  1. In most cases the destruction of records stored on a temporary basis is initiated by Records Management.

  2. On a bi-annual basis Records Management reviews its database for boxes with upcoming destruction dates. The destruction date is determined at the time of deposit based on the University Records Retention Schedule.

  3. Records Management prepares an Authorization to Destroy Records form and sends it to the appropriate department records coordinator who obtains the necessary approval. The signed form must be returned to Records Management.

    Note: Approval to destroy records must be by the dean, director or department head.

    At the close of a retention period paper documents should be recycled or shredded, and data in electronic format should be purged. Although Records Management supports the University's recycling program, any paper records containing personally-identifiable information or those that contain confidential or restricted data should be shredded.

  4. Records Management pulls the boxes from the shelf and delivers them to Materials Distribution for destruction according to instructions received from the depositing department. The cost for the shredding of records is charged back to the depositing department (see the Records Center Charges page).

    To pay for shredding the depositing department must either have a standing Interdepartmental Order (ID) on file with Materials Distribution or include an ID made payable to Materials Distribution with the destruction authorization.

  5. Storage media (tapes, hard drives, thumb drives, etc.) and cell phones that contain or may contain SU data should be destroyed under the auspices of SU Information Technology and Services (ITS). Contact the Network & Systems Management Office (NSM) at to coordinate getting these types of storage devices to Machinery Hall where they will be securely stored until there is enough material to have the destruction vendor come to campus to make a pick-up. If a department has a large volume of this type of storage media for destruction, arrangements can be made, again via, to schedule an independent vendor pick-up at a department location.