Depositing Records

  • Identify the records you would like to deposit using Syracuse University's Retention Schedule. Records with a permanent retention due to their historical/scholarly value should be transferred to University Archives. Records that have passed their legal retention date cannot be transferred to Records Management. *

  • Pack records in standard record cartons measuring 15" x 12" x 10". (Ordered through W.B. Mason - Item # FEL00703).
    A box should not contain more than one record series.

    • For example, Student records and invoices should not be intermixed; budget files should not be in the same box as faculty or staff files.
    • Permanent files are never to be stored with records that have a finite retention period.

  • Email Records Management the box inventory to request the accession number(s).
  • Label the short side of each box with:
    • Full Department Name (this can be abbreviated on subsequent boxes)
    • Accession Number
    • Box Contents (e.g. 2011-2012 Invoices)
    • Box Number (e.g. 1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc.)
  • Place a completed Deposit Form in Box 1 of its set.
  • Contact Physical Plant to arrange the pick-up and delivery of the boxes to Records Management (Hawkins Building, Room 140). Email Records Management when the boxes are picked up.

* Items that are on legal hold or under audit may be transferred. Please contact Records Management for more information.